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Blessing for Conflict Transformation Leaders

Dan and Sharon ButtryFrom Sharon Buttry who, along with her husband, Dan, has been leading training in Conflict Resolution in Beirut for the month of January.

This blessing was written as the closing for our class at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon.  The blessing follows the outline of the training design we used with our students.

Blessing for Conflict Transformation Leaders

“But let justice roll down like rivers and righteousness like an ever flowing stream..”  

Amos 5:24  

Wherever you find yourself, may you have compassion for the clueless and also for those who think they have no voice.

May you have the wisdom of the apostles in Acts chapter 6 in all the conflicts you will have in the church.

When you need power, may you receive the power of the Holy Spirit and may God guard you against any presence or use of ungodly power.

May those who oppose you find you to be a listener and willing to learn from the margins.

May you be a person who is known for the love of your enemies.

May God reveal your self-limiting beliefs and may you sing songs of hope and transformation.

May your wounds and grieving make you an effective healer of the wounds of others.

May you have compassion for the traumatized and make safe places for their stories.

May you be blessed with the power to do the unexpected, to refuse to be a victim, to love beyond borders.

May you teach what you know.

May you be a bridge-builder.

May rivers of justice flow down through you and me. Amen.

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