Lynn and Marilyn Hunwick with Mizuki Uno

Arigato [Thank you] from Mizuki

Lynn and Marilyn Hunwick with Mizuki UnoMizuki, daughter of Ruriko and Satoshi Uno, came to visit FBCPA on Palm Sunday, after 3 months in San Jose/Silicon Valley on business for the company she works for in Japan, and expressed her thanks for the welcome.

It was very pleasant meeting. Sachiko Berry writes:

A former member of our Sunday School, Mizuki first came to FBC when she was 3 years old. Her mother, Ruriko, came to FBC within a few weeks after the family arrived at Stanford, carrying Mizuki’s younger sister, Eriko, who was not even walking then. Satoshi was at Stanford for post-doctoral studies.  Ruriko soon joined the choir, and occasionally played the piano at Sunday service. Although her husband rarely came to church, I don’t think Ruriko missed Sunday worship except when she was out of town.

When I (Sachiko) learned about the devastating earthquake and Tsunami, I was really worried. The only phone I could think of was her husband’s office at the University of Tohoku. When I phoned the university’s main office, the line was totally off…unthinkable, awful…  A few days later, I found them safe and sound, I really rejoiced, and thanked God.

The Udas live near Sendai and were close enough to have suffered some of the the aftereffects of the earthquake and Tsunami.  Ruriko’s church, Izumi Parktown Church in Sendai, was involved in emergency work and the church has been on our prayer list.  Ruriko and Satoshi visited FBCPA in August, 2011.  In March of 2012 our pastor sent a letter of congratulations from FBCPA to Izumi Parktown church on its 25th anniversary.

Soon after the massive earthquake hit Sendai area in 2011, Ruriko wrote both words and music titled, “Let’s Look Up to the Lord” which she sang for us.  You can see her playing it on You Tube:

Mizuki co-authored a published paper with her father while she was a grad student or soon after. Her sister, Eriko, was at U. of Santa Barbara, and a student of ICU (International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan) and now works for her company in Singapore.  Mizuki will return to Japan on Easter Sunday.

Sachiko Berry & Marilyn Hunwick

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