World Mission Offering

October Mission Offering: ABC World Mission Offering

World Mission OfferingSTRETCH FORWARD!

October’s Special Mission Offering is the World Mission Offering.

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, operating as International Ministries (IM), began its pioneer mission work approximately 200 years ago in Burma and today works in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. About 100 full-time missionaries along with short-term missionaries and mission partners serve in more than 70 countries. Its central mission is to help people come to faith in Jesus, grow in their relationship with God, and change their worlds through the power of the Spirit.

Today there are 1/3 million Christians in Burma, now called Myanmar, through efforts begun with Ann and Adoniram Judson in 1814. A process called Responding to the Call will articulate a fresh vision of God’s call to International Ministries for 2015–2020.

IM is supported solely through the generosity of churches and individuals. The primary fundraising vehicle is the annual World Mission Offering, promoted in our church I October. Donations can be given any time during the year and can be given for the support of individuals or projects. Churches may also give through their budget to a missionary of their choice (Targeted Giving).

This year’s World Mission Offering focuses on schools in Hungary, which were previously managed by the Communist government, but are now run by Hungarian churches. Your support enables IM to offer support to partner organizations like Hungarian Baptist Aid, which now manages 49 schools in Hungary. In addition to regular curriculum, these schools provide English classes and after-school Bible classes.

In addition to our contribution to the World Mission Offering general fund, one-third of our October offering goes to:

  • The Missionary Partnership Network of Dan and Sarah Chetti who serve at the Baptist Theological Seminary and the Center for Ministry for Migrant Domestic Workers in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Dan Buttry, Global Consultant for Peace and Justice.

The Chettis and Dan Buttry each receive additionally $750 through our budget.

Donors to the WMO may give to the support of individual missionaries (Directed Giving) and undesignated funds go to those missionaries and ministries that urgently need support. Our goal for the Offering is $850.

We invite you to share generously with gifts to the World Mission Offering, including Dan and Sarah Chetti in Lebanon and Dan Buttry, peace consultant.
Marilyn Hunwick

Our goal for the offering is $850.

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