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Shared by LeDayne McLeese Polaski, ED of BPFNA/Bautistas por la Paz

“When the violence erupts, as it so often does, I struggle for words. These speak to me today.” — LeDayne

My Blood is a War Zone

By Danny Bring (age 16)

Genetically I am flanked by
Einstein and Alhazen
Ben Gurion and Arafat
David and Salaheddin
A dash of William Wallace
A line drawn in the sand
Between two brothers as old as time
Like the rose red city
In an endless state
They’ve always been at war

Not really

Maps and treaties tear at their bonds of blood
Two hate-fueled groups with differing values and customs

Not really

Falafel tastes the same in Tel Aviv and in Beirut
Sand in the Negev feels the same as in the Rub al Khali
The word for charity is the same in Hebrew and in Arabic
Tzedakah and sadaqah
God is the same in Jerusalem and in Mecca
Covered heads and scholarly traditions
Don’t cease with lines on a map
The blood of Khalil Gibran gushes through my veins
The blood of Sholem Aleichem through my arteries
With each heartbeat a rush of contention
Airstrikes and iron domes cut those family ties
Uprisings and bombings are as caustic as acid
Two leaves on the same branch of the olive tree of life
Bleed the blood of brothers because of constant strife
Each platelet a settlement or a terrorist cell
Yearning to burst at the first imbalance
Like a hypotonic transfusion of an incursion or an intifada
An orphan in Haifa weeps the same as an orphan in Ramallah
There’s total destruction when two types are mixed
A city holy to both can be torn apart so quickly
Like the quest for peace across the whole region
Not peace with an enemy so very different
Peace with ourselves, our own vital fluid
We’re all the sons of Abraham
And when I pray
In a mosque, a church, or a synagogue
God is always there
My blood is a warzone

Not really

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