October to November

jack-o-lanternsFall is in the air as we make the transition from October to November. Not only are the leaves turning color (yes, even in sunny California) but it actually RAINED last night. This week we hold our annual pumpkin carving potluck. I hope you all will come out and enjoy the fun. It is always a delightful occasion.

We did very well in our giving to the World Mission Offering this month. Let’s do as well for EHP in November. Not only will we collect funds, we will also be looking for turkeys, hams, etc., canned goods and whatever you might be willing to share with neighbors in need in the holiday season. Encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to participate in this special offering. We are happy to serve as a collection point and conduit for their generosity as well s yours.

Sunday will involve Worship for the Whole Family with Communion. Gregory will be preaching, using the beautiful text from the book of Ruth. What is it that inspires such loyalty, that creates all sorts of families of choice, that brings us alongside one another but the binding cords of love. The gospel text covers the Great Commandment(s) – to love – love God with our whole being and love our neighbors as ourselves. Surely it is love that binds Ruth to Naomi and leads them on in the unfolding adventure of life. What can we learn from such a love story?

In Adult Spiritual Formation, we will continue to consider “Saving Jesus Redux – Part 1: Jesus through the Ages.” Not surprisingly, the rich discussion from last Sunday did not allow for finishing the first session of the series. But that’s alright, we’re in no great rush to ge through this rich material. We’ll pick up where you left off.

See you Friday night for pumpkin carving. Don’t forget to FALL BACK Saturday night so you can arrive by 10:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) ready to worship, learn and share. Bring someone with you.

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We are a progressive Baptist Church affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA. We have been in Palo Alto since 1893. We celebrate our Baptist heritage. We affirm the historic Baptist tenets of: Bible Freedom, Soul Freedom, Church Freedom, Religious Freedom

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