Prayers with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Eleanor Satterlee for the birthdays of Jane Chin on Sunday and Charlie Clark on Monday

Lois Ville for good visits thar she had and Pastor Rick had with Carl Schilling and Thelma Parodi, both of whom send greetings

Chip Clark for the fundraising activity for the Movember Foundation several of our men are participating in this November for men’s health

For a wonderful performance by the California Youth symphony and James Poe on Sunday

Melanie Ramirez reflecting on a year of endings as Daniel played his last band concert last Saturday, for Dona and Larry as they travel

Pastor Rick for his sister, Charlotte Lanier, in Boise, ID, who is recovering from successful surgery to remove a large, benign tumor from her brain; Thelma Parodi who is on hospice care at the Terraces; for Janet Maxwell who is coming off hospice care and Bob Towner who is going back on it

For those affected by earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and by the train accident in India

For the work of Ecumenical Hunger Project in East Palo Alto and the presence of Nevida Butler in worship

For the USA in the aftermath of the recent election

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