Praying with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

For the presence of Alex Spiridon, Thelma and Skip Parodi, Kitsy Bocook, Ron Fredlund and Mary Martin in worship Sunday

Carolyn Shepard with gratitude for all shared in the EHP Adopt-a-Family gift-giving; greetings from our sister church in Corinto and thanks for our gift to them; for Laura Garcia and Charlotte Jackson as they travel over the holidays

Lynn Hunwick with greetings from the Balasore Technical School and Ramesh Kumar

Thelma Parodi for the joy of being in church, for the love and care she has received and with love for her church family

Elizabeth Ramirez for the joy of having Thelma present

Ron Fredlund with appreciation for the FBCPA carolers who came to the Terraces

For Dencell, a homeless man who requested our prayers and for all who are without adequate shelter in this winter season

Kitsy Bocook remembering her sons, Dirk and Brett, who grew up in our church

Marilyn Hunwick for Bengta, the family and friends of Gunnar Gottestam who died last week

Eleanor Satterlee for children in foster care in Santa Clara County; for those who care for them

For Lucille and the family and friends of Bob Towner as they continue to mourn his death

Pastor Rick for his sister, Charlotte Lanier, in Boise, ID, who is recovering from successful surgery to remove a large, benign tumor from her brain

For all those affected by the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland and for the well-being of artists and arts communities everywhere

For all those affected by the genocidal tragedy in Aleppo, Syria

For the USA in a time of political transition

One thought on “Praying with the People”

  1. Our thoughts and prayers to those church members living outside of Palo Alto and to the memory of our loving church members who have gone before us.

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