Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday joys for Joanne Jones (January 31), Salvador Ramirez (January 3)
  • Dona Smith-Powers saying what a treat it was to be in church, and how happy she was to see Paul Tuan; and prayers for her three trans* friends struggling through a few things: Tanya, Susie, and Logan.
  • Carolyn Shepard for friends and church members traveling, and for Corinto;
  • Gregory: A note was left on the church doors from our neighbors, thanking us for our banners and flags of commitment and welcome to all different kinds of people.
  • Barbara Hing grateful for good reports on her daughter Colleen’s baby coming soon; traveling mercies for Ray going to Maine; and hope for selling their home in Cleveland.
  • Ray Hing grateful for God’s care of the past year and for family coming together; prayers for peace and for his friend David

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