Praying With The People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Birthday joys for Susan Bradley (January 25), Mary Martin (January 26), Tripp Hudgins (January 27)

Charlie Clark for a generous donation of children’s books from a former teacher now living at the Terraces

Kathy Gillam for Julie and Micah as they make their transition to San Francisco

For Lucille Towner who fell and fractured vertebrae in her neck, recovering at home

Dan Cudworth for guidance for our country’s leaders

Carolyn Shepard for the people in Corinto who are suffering with a virus

For Hegene Lee as he travels to Korea and then back to New York City

Betsy Anderson rejoicing that both the stove and freezer in the church kitchen are repaired thanks to Bob Griffin and Juve Ramirez respectively; for the family and friends of her cousin, David Lambert, who died January 14 in Pleasanton at 59; and for her friend, Marjorie, whose brother Garry died last week

Pastor Rick for his sister, Charlotte Lanier, in Boise, ID, who is recovering from successful surgery to remove a large, benign tumor from her brain; for Marilyn Hunwick with health concerns; for the Chins as they travel; for his niece, Cathi, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer; for safe space for those in need

For the USA in a time of political transition

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