Joys and Concerns

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Melanie Ramirez for Omar’s 17th birthday on January 30

Fred Hillier for the joy worshiping in his home church, greetings from Ann and family

Pastor Gregory for the thoughts and prayers when he was ill last week

Laurie Cudworth for a good visit (along with Dan and Blake) with her sister, Elka, who is making a quick recovery from pneumonia

Carolyn Shepard for word from Corinto with news that our $500 had been used for healing work as part of their outreach program

For Steve Lewis whose wife, Susan, died recently

For Lucille Towner who fell and fractured vertebrae in her neck, recovering at home

For Jin Chin’s sister who had a fall, and will be in rehab for the next two weeks; for Jin and Jane as they travel the next three weeks

For Pamela Sullivan’s brother Jimmy, who died today after a brief struggle with a rare and aggressive cancer

Pastor Rick for his sister, Charlotte Lanier, in Boise, ID, who is recovering from successful surgery to remove a large, benign tumor from her brain; for Marilyn Hunwick with health concerns; for his niece, Cathi, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have a lumpectomy tomorrow; Pastor Gillette O. James  and the congregation of Beth Eden Baptist Church as they mourn the death of Dr. Rosa James, former president of ABCW

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