Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Birthday joys for Daniel Ha (June 15), David Shi (June 16), Gerardy Lucero ( June 18)

For a great Youth Sunday under the leadership of Pastor Gregory and our children and youth

For James Poe as he goes off to NYC for seven weeks of violin study

For graduates: Eileen Conover’s son Brian graduating summa cum laude from Delta College; Charlotte Jackson for granddaughter, Alexis, graduating with honors from Fresno State; Jane Chin for Granddaughter, Sabrina, graduating from Brown; for Elizabeth Ramirez completing here high school degree in Redwood City; and for Daniel Ramirez, soon to graduate from Los Altos High

Melanie Ramirez is “super proud” of our kids as they move forward

Chip Clark for participation in the Unity Rally last Saturday

Lois Ville for her sister Carol and husband who had to postpone his surgery for aortic valve replacement

For Chris Dodson who is studying abroad for three weeks in Grenada and providing community nursing care to local grenadians

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