Praying with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday joys for Lynn Hunwick (September 16)
  • For the beautiful music (violin) of James Poe
  • Dona Smith-Powers with gratitude for prayers and concern as she concluded her radiation treatment last week
  • Lynn Hunwick grateful for children in his neighborhood selling lemonade for hurricane relief
  • Pastor Gregory, Pastor Rick, Nana Spiridon, and Laurie Cudworth for friends and relatives in Florida
  • For Marylea McLean, who will have surgery for cancer next Tuesday
  • For Andy Kille facing complex treatment for cancer
  • James Poe for Elizabeth, his best friend in New York, who is struggling with depression
  • Pastor Rick for the family and friends of David Bartlett after a fall and stroke; for all those affected by flooding in the Far East, the earthquake in Mexico, the fires in the Pacific Northwest, and the threat of ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh
  • Carolyn Shepard for all those affected by the hurricanes; remembering that Sunday was World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Lois Ville facing major decisions about her vision and hearing; for her brother, Lou, hospitalized in Illinois following knee surgery
  • Charlotte Jackson for her friend, Shannon, who is having part of a foot removed
  • Dan Cudworth for all those in the Caribbean affected by the hurricanes
  • For Lucille Towner recovering from a broken wrist
  • For our church in this time of turmoil with City permitting
  • For Phillip Dah and the good work of the Opportunity Center, LifeMoves, and One Great Hour of Sharing

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