Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday joys: Ron Fredlund (November 15), Steven Shepard (November 16), Sarah Nguyen Ha (November 17), Jane Chin (November 20), Charlie Clark and Christine Tillman (November 21)
  • Lois Ville for improved health; for her brother-in-law, Lee, prepping for hip surgery; for Lee and her sister, Caroline, as they celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary
  • Caroline Shepard for a visit from Bengta Gottestam from Norway
  • Bengta Gottestam with gratitude for old friends and good memories
  • Paul Berry, remembering the personal significance of “Steal Away,” first hymn learned on a lakeshore at summer camp and for the growing awareness of the significance it had for those slaves and escaped slaves who first sang it
  • Laurie Cudworth for her mother, Charlotte, who fell last week; for her own knee problems
  • For all those affected by the gun violence in Tehama County and Sutherland Springs, Texas; for an end to gun violence in this country
  • For all those affected by and trying to rebuild after fire, hurricane, earthquake and flood
  • For Marylea McLean who is recovering at home from cancer surgery
  • For Andy Kille facing complex treatment for cancer
  • For our church in this time of turmoil with City permitting
  • For the wonderful work of Ecumenical Hunger Program and for the witness of Nevida Butler
  • For God’s guidance and empowerment as we move forward the Mosaic South Bay

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