Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday blessings for Laurie Cudworth (December 7)
  • Chip Clark for all those who helped him raise $215 in his Movember project for men’s health
  • Eleanor Satterlee with thanks for all who helped decorate our sanctuary which looks lovely
  • Nana Spiridon reminding us of the crèche exhibit at the LDS facility on Middlefield
  • For Elizabeth Ramirez and family – her father died Saturday in Mexico
  • Chip Clark for some of the folk in his apartment building who are low income and feeling the stress of the holiday season
  • For Ron Tuttle recovering at home from a surgical procedure and for Thelma as she cares for him
  • Pastor Rick for the friends and family of Kevin Avila, a former counseling intern and colleague, who committed suicide in September; for all those struggling with drugs and depression
  • For all those affected by the fires in southern California
  • For peace for the people of Syria, Yemen and Myanmar
  • For all those affected by the AIDS pandemic on World AIDS Day, December 1
  • For all those affected by sexual harassment and abuse; for a basic change in our understanding of these concerns
  • For God’s guidance and empowerment as we move forward the Mosaic South Bay

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