Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Melanie Ramirez for Daniel, who is away at drum corps auditions; for Juve on his birthday; for Elizabeth and family as they continue to mourn the death of her father in Mexico
  • Thelma Tuttle for the good news that Ron’s tumor was not malignant; for his further healing
  • For visitors George and Sharon Martin whose niece, Carmen, is having transplant surgery at Stanford
  • Carolyn Shepard for her cousin Linda and family and all those affected by the wildfires in southern California
  • Dominique white for her mother, Myra, was in the ER last week with an extreme nose bleed
  • Pastor Rick for the passage of a moral budget
  • Dan Cudworth for the recognition that holiday time with family can be joyful or concerning; for good concerts for The Choral Project
  • Chip Clark for all those caught up in the housing crisis in the Bay Area; for the homeless in Redwood City
  • For all those affected by sexual harassment and abuse; for a basic change in our understanding of these concerns
  • For God’s guidance and empowerment as we move forward the Mosaic South Bay


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