Joys and Concerns

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday Joys: Salvador Ramirez (January 3), Barbara Hing (January 6)
  • Dan and Laurie who are expectant grandparents
  • For the presence of the Nasons and the Tuans in worship
  • Katarina, thankful and grateful for her career that has involved so much traveling, bringing both difficult and rewarding times over the many years
  • Laurie Cudworth for her mother, Charlotte, who is doing a bit better; thankful for Christmas time with family; excited that she and Dan will be grandparents next July
  • Dan Cudworth, thinking about resolutions for the New Year, hoping we might all resolve to be a people of prayer this year
  • Pastor Gregory for Mosaic – the energy and momentum after the first event is strong; next event is coming up in a few weeks and prayers are appreciated
  • For the good work of 10 Books a Home

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