Praying with the People

  • Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:
    • Birthday Joys: Eileen Conover (February 16)
    • Chip Clark with gratitude for prayers for healing of his cold
    • Lois Ville for Eileen Conover who is facing hip surgery; for her sister, Carolyn, recovering well from a second back surgery and a cut on her leg
    • Melanie Ramirez for Alan Plessinger who has been organizing our “lunch Bunch; for a pleasant lunch last Sunday; for her cousin who has found a match for a kidney donation
    • Sachiko Berry, encouraging volunteers to help with upcoming elections
    • Pastor Rick, remembering Soo Kim and Doug and Hegene Lee as we watch the Olympics from South Korea
    • For all those affected by the school shooting in Florida and for an end to gun violence
    • For Mosaic South Bay as it takes root and grows
    • Carolyn Shepard for the good work of Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy in the Santa Clara County jails, for the hope they provide for those in prison

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