Praying with the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday Joys for Hugh Satterlee (March 7), Reese Probst (March 8), Sachiko Berry (March 9), Soo Kim (Lee) (March 10). Mary Granholm (March 13)
  • Chuck and Nancy Syverson with thanks for our hospitality during their visit
  • Jan Gunderson, glad to be back home after a fantastic trip to Egypt (where it snowed on the pyramids last week for the first time in over 100 years!)
  • For the joy of having Jessie and Paul Tuan worship with us
  • For the Chins as they travel in Asia
  • Kitsy Bocook for the joy of worshipping with old friends
  • For the Evergreen contingent on a mission trip to Haiti
  • Paul Berry remembering the long, rich life of his former boss with the Friends service Committee when he worked in Haiti (“She kept on doing right for 104 Years!”)
  • For David, the Tuttles and all those affected by the recent death of Sally Kurtzman
  • For all those affected by the school shooting in Florida and for an end to gun violence
  • For Don, Dustin, and Dylan Ha as they deal with the difficulties of serious water damage to their home
  • For Mosaic South Bay as it takes root and grows
  • For all the good work supported by our annual America for Christ offering

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