Joys and Concerns

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Birthday Joys for Reese Probst (March 8), Sachiko Berry (March 9), Soo Kim (March 10), Mary Granholm (March 13)

For Lucille Towner who is free of her neck brace and will be engaged in several weeks of physical therapy

Laurie Cudworth for a friend, Scott, recovering from back surgery; for their daughter, Ariana, who has move to MI with her fiancé

For Gregory whose car was hit (while parked near his apartment) and was totaled.

Jennifer Morales for her mother in TX who is recovering from open heart surgery

For Gavin Grimm and others working for justice for transgendered people

Lois Ville for her brother-in-law, LeRoy, anticipating 3 surgeries; for Paul and Sachiko at home recovering from pneumonia

Melanie Ramirez for Daniel, who had a cyst removed from his back and has been recovering at home

Jane Chin for Jin’s sister, Janie, whose health is improving

Prayers With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

Birthday Joys for Fred Hillier and Elizabeth Ramirez (March 4), Hugh Satterlee and Mary Sawyer (March 7)

Chuck and Nancy Syverson for our warm hospitality the past month as the return to MA; in constant prayer for FBCPA

Laurie Cudworth for her mother, Charlotte, celebrating her 92nd birthday this week

Lynn Hunwick for Black History Month remembrance of the great American singer, Marian Anderson, who sang for 75,000 at the Lincoln Memorial after having been denied Constitution Hall by the DAR

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