Crop Walk 2015

CROP WalkThe Crop Walk is on Sunday, October 4, with registration beginning at 1 PM and the walk beginning at 2 PM. It is being held at Burgess Park in Menlo Park.

I have instructions for all of our walkers and for anyone who may wish to donate to our team online.


You must register online. You will sign in again on the day of the walk at the park and sign a waiver for the physical aspect of this activity. You can sign up as a family team online and then each of the family members will sign in at the park.

  • Go to:
  • Click on Register
  • Click on Yes I want to join a team
  • Scroll down and find our team, First Baptist Church Palo Alto
  • Click on Join
  • Click on Register as a new walker, and set up your fundraising goal. (You can donate to yourself if you choose.)
  • From that point on, just follow the directions. It should be self-explanatory. You will see my name listed as Team Captain. If you have questions, please call me 650 595-5635.

Once you are registered, you can either collect physical donations and put them in the envelope, or if a person wishes to donate online, give them the website and the following instructions. We bring our collected donations to the Crop Walk event.



  • Go to:
  • Click on Donate
  • Click on either I want to support a Walker or I want to support a Team
  •           Scroll down to find our team or type in the name of the walker
  • Click on Donate Now
  • Click on Amount of Donation
  • And then follow the instructions, which should be self-explanatory.

If the donor wants to honor someone, they can. They have an option to name an agency they are connected to which they would like their donation to go to. It can be anything related to poverty and hunger and their funds will go to that agency. Some people may work for a company that will give a matching gift. The instructions of these options should be fairly clear.

This should be a fun event with music, food and games, in addition to the walk itself. If you feel tired that day, feel free to just sit and bring your donations anyway. Collect all donations before the Crop Walk. This is not an event based on miles walked. Checks are made payable to: CWS/CROP

Thank you for your help to fight hunger and let’s have fun doing it!

Carolyn Shepard