Praying With the People

Our Joys and Concerns for this week include:

  • Birthday joys for Ron Tuttle (September 2)
  • Kathy Gillam for everyone who contributed to Thelma Parodi’s celebration of life, especially all the good food
  • Katarina for the wonderfully diverse crowd celebrating love and life (rather than white supremacy and hate in San Francisco last weekend; for her friend Pam Linstead who is having severe vision problems; for a Xvangelicals, a Facebook group of people traumatized by their life in fundamentalist religious circles who are finding hope in listening to and caring for one another
  • For our church in this time of turmoil with City permitting
  • For the family and friends of David Bartlett
  • Lynn Hunwick for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Pastor Gregory for Tony living with PTSD; for Franco who has lost his job and is looking for new employment: for Bugei who is looking for a new job; for Chris who is back working night shifts; for everyone going back to school
  • Lois Ville for Lucille Towner who fell and broke her wrist; for her brother-in-law, Lee, with heart problems

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